Yoshitoshi (100 Phases)
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The Cry of the Fox

Artist: Yoshitoshi (100 Phases)
Date: January 1886
Size/Format: Oban Tate-e (9.5 by 14.5 ins approx.)
Description: Foxes were magical creatures in old Japan. They were not necessarily malicious, but they were fond of practical jokes and it was best not to cross them. They possessed special powers; the most important of which was the ability to take human shape. The fox in this design is beginning to lose his human shape. His hands still clutch a rosary, but his face has changed back to a fox’s.
Series: 100 Phases of The Moon
Publisher: Akiyama Buemon
Condition: A small mark to lower margin, otherwise fine. Retains original Japanese album backing.
Impression: Fine, with strong visible woodgrain.
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