Yoshitoshi (100 Phases)
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Theatre-district dawn moon

Artist: Yoshitoshi (100 Phases)
Date: 1886
Size/Format: Oban tate-e, 14 by 10 inches
Description: The stylish lady in the foreground is either hurrying to a rendezvous or, realising how late it is, hurrying home. Groups of other party­goers promenade, in silhouette. More sedate, they have the spent air of people returning home quietly after a night of revelry; their elegant shapes recall a well-known design of the theatre district from Hiroshige’s “One Hundred Famous Views of Edo”, which also shows the theatres under a moonlit sky. The promenaders have jackets over their kimonos and the lady in the foreground wears several layers of clothes, so the early morning air must be brisk. The sky is suffused with the purple glow of sunrise. A gibbous moon hangs in the sky and bats fly home. The flat stylised clouds that float across the centre of the design are a convention in Japanese painting that serves to divide spatial planes. They also suggest a mistiness in the morning air. Each element reinforces the others in building the mood of early morning, as the night’s activities end and the day’s begin.
Series: 100 Phases of the Moon
Carver: Enkatsu
Publisher: Akiyama Buemon
Condition: Very Good.
Impression: Very Good.
Price: (SOLD)


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