Yoshitoshi (100 Phases)
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Season Temple Moon - Captain Yoshitaka

Artist: Yoshitoshi (100 Phases)
Date: 1888
Size/Format: Oban tate-e, 14 by 10 inches
Description: Fujiwara no Yoshitaka held the honorary rank of Shosho, minor captain of the imperial guards, at the tenth-century Heian court. He was an accomplished poet and the father of the famous calligrapher, Fujiwara no Kozei. One of his poems is included in the classic thirteenth-century anthology Hyakunin Isshu - “One Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets”. Here the young Yoshitaka is shown in the extensive grounds of the Sesonji, deep in thought. His posture indicates that he is sitting on a small stool. The Sesonji was a temple outside Kyoto, later famous for a school of calligraphy established there in the Kamakura period (1185-1333). In keeping with the calligraphic tradition of Sesonji and with the conventions of Chinese landscape painting, every dot on the mountain-side behind Yoshitaka has been carefully brushed - each stroke is calligraphically interesting as every dot in Hokusai’s landscapes is interesting.
Series: 100 Phases of the Moon
Carver: Yamamoto
Publisher: Akiyama Buemon
Condition: Fine, retains original Japanese album backing.
Impression: Fine.
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