Kunisada (Rien Kyokaku-den)
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Ichikawa Kuzô III and Arashi Kichiroku

Artist: Kunisada (Rien Kyokaku-den)
Date: September 1863
Size/Format: Oban Tate-e (14.5 by 9.75 ins)
Description: Actors Ichikawa Kuzô III and Arashi Kichiroku in the roles of Hanjimo no Kihei and Komeya Tedai.
Series: Story of a chivalrous man in the theatrical world (Rien Kyokaku-den)
Condition: Very slight trimming to right margin, otherwise pristine.
Impression: Fine, with strong visible wood-grain
Notes: From the 'de-luxe' first state printing. For this series, the publisher used the finest materials, thick hosho paper and specially mixed inks. The printing quality is extraordinary and incorporates raised printing, burnishing, metallic embellishment, mica and gofun. The effect is quite breathtaking and imparts an almost three-dimensional quality to the images
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