Kuniyoshi (Genji)
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Chapter 8

Artist: Kuniyoshi (Genji)
Date: 1845
Size/Format: Oban Tate-e 9.75 by 14.25 inches
Description: Chapter number: 8 Chapter name: Hana no en (花宴, Festival of Cherry Blossoms) Scene: Actor Iwai KumesaburĂ´ III as Hinadori under a blooming cherry tree with her maid. This is a scene from the kabuki play Imoseyama onna teikin (Imoseyama, an Example of Womanly Virtue)
Series: Genji kumo ukiyoe awase
Publisher: Ise-ya Ichibei
Condition: Very Good. Retains original Japanese album backing.
Impression: Very Good
Price: (SOLD)


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