Rakuzan (Rakusan)
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Artist: Rakuzan (Rakusan)
Date: ca. 1930
Size/Format: 15.5 x 21 in.
Description: High summer. Hydrangea and collared turtle-doves.
Series: Rakuzan Kacho Gafu: Birds and Flowers of Japan
Publisher: Self-printed
Condition: Fine.
Impression: Fine.
Notes: The series comprises 100 images, and was published in a limited edition of 200. The designs were only available by private subscription, and were issued two per month commencing 24th April, 1929, i.e. with a projected run of 50 months. In an insert to one of the monthly releases, Rakuzan complains of the difficulty of finding block-carvers and printers adequate to the job of reproducing his technically complex designs and apologises to his subscribers for intermittent delays.
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