Yoshitora (Triptych)
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The Priest Nichiren

Artist: Yoshitora (Triptych)
Date: ca.1860s
Size/Format: Oban Tate-e triptych, each sheet approx. 10 by 14 ins.
Description: Nicheren cuts down the invading Mongolian hordes, the spectres of long-dead warriors can be seen rising from the waves, upper right, invoking the divine winds. To left, a fierce storm engulfs an American warship in an anchronistic touch.
Series: Nichiren ki Moko Taiji
Publisher: Enshuya Hikobei
Condition: Slight trimming, otherwise fine. Pristine colour.
Impression: Fine
Notes: The artist compares the opening of Japan to the West to the attempted Mongolian invasion of the 13th century.
Price: (SOLD)


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