Yoshitoshi (Triptych)
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Ichikawa Danjuro

Artist: Yoshitoshi (Triptych)
Date: Late 1880s
Size/Format: 28.25 by 13.75 ins. overall
Description: Portrait of the actor Ichikawa Danjuro IX as Musashibo Benkei in Kanjincho. The poem at right reads 'The flowers and their fragrance like travellers' robes are wet with dew'.
Publisher: Akiyama Buemon
Condition: Some trimming, principally to lateral sheets. Areas of offset printing to left sheet. Some reinforcing strips verso to protect the metallic over-printing on the black robe. The three sheets joined. Retains Japanese album backing.
Impression: Fine with extensive burnishing and mica application.
Notes: The metallic application to the robe found in early impressions of this design typically results in some off-set printing. It also weakens the paper requiring the use of local reinforcing strips. This aside, the design is in near perfect state with pristine colour.
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