Kuniyoshi (Bijin)
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Artist: Kuniyoshi (Bijin)
Date: ca.1847
Size/Format: Oban Tate-e (9.75 by 14 ins)
Description: God of good fortune: Ebisu, the god of fisherman and merchants, with a fishing rod, depicted on a kakemono-e. The young lady in the foreground holds the bow of a samisen by way of imitation.
Series: Women Compared with the Seven Gods of Good Fortune
Publisher: Enshuya Hikobei
Condition: Slight damage to upper right corner. A light stain to lower left corner. Minor marks and flaws but generally very good state. Fresh colour.
Impression: Fine
Notes: This series illustrates beautiful women whose postures reflect those of the seven gods of good fortune (shichifukujin) who are seen in the inset hanging scroll (kakemono). The title of the series appears on the painting storage box
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