Kunisada (Bijin)
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Artist: Kunisada (Bijin)
Date: 1859
Size/Format: Oban Tate, 9.5" by 14.5"
Description: A young lady at her toilet. From the series, 'Modern 32 Types'.
Series: Imayo sanjuni so
Publisher: Kinkodo
Condition: Album binding holes to right edge otherwise fine.
Impression: Fine de-luxe printing
Notes: 'In (this) series Kunisada required not only the highest standards of engraving and printing but also the use of expensive, imported aniline dyes. The thick paper in the first edition (as here) is of a quality found in the luxury edition of Hiroshige's 100 Views of Edo, begun in 1856. First-edition prints must have been produced for wealthy print collectors.' (Izzard Kunisada's World page 181).
Price: (SOLD)


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